About Mrs. S


Judy Sobko is a Lifetime Artist

and beach-lover who is currently traversing her way across the southwest. She hails from New Jersey, where she spent her career in advertising and marketing, culminating in an advertising design position at the Taj Mahal Casino and Resort in Atlantic City.

Upon retirement from that fast-paced and often excessive world, she built a nationally recognized art and design program which would grow into “The Communications High School of Monmouth County.”

After graduating 1,000+ art students in 20 years, she happily retired and headed west to the warmth, sun and easy pace of Arizona. Her former students can be found in the offices of Apple, Disney, Pixar, Google, YouTube, Maybelline, Matrix and even a Communications Director for the White House. She keeps up with her kids and takes tremendous pride in their achievements.

Working with 75 students a day saps energy and creativity, so Judy did not paint, draw, build or design anything for herself for decades. Now, all aspects of art and design have become fun again, and she is thrilled to be working for herself on projects that bring smiles and wows.

These selected works run the gamut from painting and drawing to mixed-media, digital design and collage. Judy is a photorealist with a solid sense of humor, wishing to uplift and entertain the viewer.

She shows regularly at the Presidio Gallery and the Goodyear Arts and Culture Commission, sits on the committee for the Estrella Art Gallery and has taught a class or 2 recently, just to keep it fresh. She is the resident graphic designer for the Estrella Art Galleries at Presidio and Starpointe.

If you can’t find her at the pool, she might be here at sobkos@comcast.net